Mind Your Money.

Wellness Tip: (Financial/Spiritual) Mind Your Money

Money is important.  We all need it to function in life.  I’ve heard it stated that more money makes us more of who we are.  For example, if we are kind and generous, more money affords us the opportunity to do more and give more to others.  If we are selfish and greedy, more money allows us to buy more and get more for ourselves.

Take a few moments and think about winning the lottery.  Let’s say you won a million dollars.  What would you do with it?  I encourage you to write a list of what you would do with it.  Which dollar amounts would be put where?  Would you buy a new house?  Would you buy a new car?  Pay off debts? Donate to local charities? Start a business? Once you have written your list, look it over.  Next to each item, write down whether or not the item is for yourself or someone else.  Is your list geared more towards yourself or others?  I’m not saying it’s wrong to want new things, to pay off debts, or to want to take care of your needs.  We are supposed to take care of ourselves.  I am just making a suggestion to take an overall look at our list and see if there is room for taking care of others in it.

Matthew 6:20-22 tells us “not to store up treasures on earth where it can be destroyed, but to store up treasures in heaven. For where our treasure is, our heart will be also (paraphrased).”   Our treasures in life are those tangible things that we determine valuable.  We must be careful to not allow our earthly treasures to become the best things and place our entire happiness in them, because they are liable to loss and decay.  Priceless treasures like love, grace, peace, and joy cannot be bought or sold.  These things we should hold on to.  Refer back to your list, where is your treasure? Where is your heart?

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