Determined Through The Details!

Wellness Tip: (Emotional/Mental) Determined Through The Details

Commitment moves past the mind and emotions and goes straight to the will.  The ancient Chinese said that the will of a man is like a cart pulled by two horses; the mind and the emotions.  You must get both horses moving in the same direction to move the cart.  Commitment results when your mind and emotions move forward, whatever the cost (Excerpt from John Maxwell).

Sometimes it is difficult to get our mind and our emotions to go in the same direction.  We may know in our minds what the right thing to do is, and yet our emotions want to have their own way.  In these cases, we have to let go of the emotions that are tied to the decisions and allow ourselves to do what is right.  In other cases, we can emotionally react to a situation without thinking through it first.  I have done this way more than I care to mention.  When we are passionate about a cause or passionate about an individual, we can tend to emotionally react rather than thinking through the situation and developing a proper response.

The next time you are quick to react to something, ask yourself if your mind and your will are going in the same direction.  If your horses are pulling in the same direction, you will move forward in life much faster.   People who are committed tend to be more successful than those who are double minded.  When you make decisions, do you see them through the details, all the way to the end?  Are you committed?

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