Trust, But Verify!

Wellness Tip:  Trust, But Verify! ~Ronald Reagan

At one time or another, we have all dealt with trust issues.  Whether we are hurt by someone else not fulfilling obligations, or whether someone portrayed themselves to be someone they weren’t, trust is very precious.  It can take years to build up trust in someone, and unfortunately it can be lost in a moment.

I read a blog today by Michael Hyatt regarding trust.  He gives four points on how to rebuild trust.  They are so simple yet profound.  I wanted to share them.   They sound easy, but just try putting one of them to work for a day and see how well you do.

  1. Keep your word. – One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they will do something and they don’t keep their word.  Keeping our word is a building block to real relationships because it develops dependability.
  2. Tell the truth. – This may seem easy, but I also believe that withholding pertinent information is dishonest and manipulative.  It’s not easy to put ourselves out there, but when trust needs to be rebuilt in a relationship, this is a must!
  3. Be transparent. – This one is probably one of the harder ones for me.  Transparency brings vulnerability.  No one enjoys being vulnerable, however, I have found that there is such a freedom in being transparent.  People often will trust someone who is open, honest, and transparent with them.
  4. Give without any strings attached. – This too seems easy, but when we give something to someone and expect something in return, that is a string that is attached.  Sometimes, we can even keep a “mental score” of what we have done for others and then feel that they now owe us in return.  Giving without expecting anything in return gives us the freedom to leave expectations behind and actually find joy when someone returns the favor, rather than accepting it because it was expected.

Rebuilding trust takes time.   It takes doing the right thing many times over.  Focus on one step at a time and see just how far it takes you.  Trust, but verify that it’s a two way street.

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One Response to Trust, But Verify!

  1. Sharon says:

    Wonderful words. Truth is a beautiful thing….

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