Financial Increase Comes With Documentation

Wellness Tip: (Financial): Financial Increase comes with documentation.

I have experienced life having money with all my needs met, and I have also experienced life worrying about how my next bill would get paid.  When I had money, I was not the one that was in charge of it.  Therefore, I was given a budget to stick to and I didn’t have to worry about where the rest came from.  After some life circumstances, I had to become the sole breadwinner of my home and had to learn several lessons regarding finances.

The biggest turn around in my life was when my friend and financial professional gave me a free sample of QuickBooks Simple Start Software.  (Now it is offered as a free 30 day trial version).  As I began to actually document every dime I spent, I realized that a lot of my money dwindled away little by little, not on big ticket items, but the little things here and there.  Documenting my expenses helped me to realize where my money was actually going.  At the end of each week, I would check the profit and loss statement to see how I was doing on a week by week basis.  This helped me to stick with my budget.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to start documenting your expenses.  You will be able to see exactly what you spend as well as recognize ways to spend less and keep more in your savings account.  Plus, this free 30 day sample of simple start software gives you the tools and it is a vital investment into your future.  Since it worked for me, I want to pass it along to you.  Happy Documenting!

***If you are in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and would like the help of a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, please check out my advisor.  Mention this blog and receive a free 1 hour consultation.

Maritza Ruiz 
QuickBooks Pro Solutions, LLC.
Ph: 813-220-2602

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